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Hola! This is Poole from Butter London! It’s from their Summer 2013 collection. They haven’t defined Poole in the Butter Dictionary, but a little googling indicates that it’s a seaside resort town on the south coast of England.


This is a great robin’s egg blue creme polish – pale, yet still quite saturated. I think it’s perfect for summer.

photo (1) photo (3)

So lovely!


This colour went on smoothly, but I did need to touch up a few areas after my second coat to have full opacity. Sometimes cremes can be a little streaky, so this wasn’t too bad overall.

Wear and Removal

This polish wore pretty well. I was rough on my hands this week, just with lots of zippering/gym bags and I visited a friend out of town, so the driving and activities around town also added to the wear, but here’s a picture from the morning of day 30 you can see wear on the tips, but not too bad, the worst was, as usual, on my thumbs from zippering.


Removal was a breeze, as it’s a creme:)


Lovely addition to my collection, I will definitely be wearing this a lot this summer. I think it would also make a great pedicure colour, so next time I go for one, I might bring it with me!


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