Hello! Sorry for the long break – my nails were peeling quite a lot, and I just needed a little break, I wasn’t feeling inspired by my polish.

BUT! I was shopping the other day and found Mermaid’s Dream by Lippmann, and I knew it would be the perfect return to polish. Why? Well, I’ve recently fallen in love with light greens (surprising!), and I love sparkles and shimmer. Oh, and I also enjoy Mermaids…Ariel et al.

photo (1) photo


This colour is a little hard to describe, it has a lot going on – it’s like a seafoam green glittered shimmer polish.  It’s quite gritty, but I actually really like that in this polish. Here are some pictures:

photo (2) photo (3) photo (4)

You can really see the detail in the last picture, I love it!

Application and Wear

Three coats for opacity, it went on quite smoothly, which was surprising given how gritty the polish is. It also dried nice and quick. However…it didn’t wear all that well, look at the morning of day three:

photo (5)

Butttt, given how cool this polish is, I can probably forgive this.


Well, removal was AWFUL. It was gritty so it tore apart all my cotton pads as I put them on my nails, and the glitter and shimmer meant that it was quite difficult to get off. It probably took about 25 minutes, and I was left with glitter ALL over my fingers. Glitter EVERYWHERE.


I think this is a novel polish formula, in that it’s shimmery and glittery and textured, which I think is great, and I’m impressed with Lippmann on this polish. I am so glad I bought this polish. It makes me think of summer, and even though it’s a pain to remove, and doesn’t even wear all that well, I’m totally going to buy other polishes from the mermaid collection. Yay!


4 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann: Mermaid’s Dream

  1. Would you recommend soak your nails in polish remover ahead of attempting removal? It seems like it might be worth the extra time in this case.

    • I find soaking just so hard on my cuticles/nail bed, and because I tend towards dry skin, if I soak my fingers in remover, I end up with raw nail beds that are all red and torn.

      But I think if you have normal skin, and strong nail beds, you definitely could consider soaking them. You could also go with holding soaked cotton pads against your nails for a minute or two before removal also.

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