I was at the pharmacy/drug store this week, and look at the cool magazine I saw – I knew nails were a hot trend, but I didn’t know there were whole magazines! I didn’t buy it because I don’t love patterned nails/I don’t think they look all that professional, I just love colours and glitter, so the magazine didn’t have much to offer me.

photo (4)


As I said last week, I picked up two Essie polishes, and this is the second one, Play Date!




Essie’s website describes this as a flirtatious, soft, purple, which I think is definitely accurate. I was originally looking for a lavender purple (and I still am…), but I was drawn to this purple when I saw it, and I’m very happy I picked it up because I don’t think I have any purples quite like it

photo (2) photo (1) photo (3)


I think it looks great on me, but would also look awesome on someone with lighter or darker skin, and I received three compliments from total strangers on the colour. Awesome.


This colour went on very well. Two coats for opacity. As with last week’s Essie, I used Zoya’s base and Essies’ No Chips topcoat. I find that Essie simply doesn’t dry all that quickly, so my nails are never quite as smooth as I want them to be, because I’m a little impatient and sitting still for an hour is just…too ambitious.  Not bad though, not bad at all.

Wear and Removal

Okay, so I was very, very impresed by how long this colour wore. It wore a full 5 days with no chips, and some minimal wear at the tip, and I took it off on day 6 because good old gym bag zipper chipped it.  Very good work. Removal was easy, since it’s not a glitter or flakey.


This colour, and I am Strong, both made me rethink my feelings on Essie. I used to really avoid drugstore brands, but Essie’s colours seem much less streaky then they used to be, and they wear very very well.  They also have a lot of very work appropriate colours, which makes me think I should pick up 5 of their pale pinks and do a pale pink month, or compare them somehow…hmmm…I will think on that.

Do you have any brands that you used to dislike, and then changed your mind?


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