I was out picking up a package at the post office last week, and I saw that Essie was on sale at the drugstore, so I picked up a couple of polishes. Usually I don’t love Essie, but there were two colours that I liked, and this is one of them – Essie’s “I am Strong”.

I was on my way home from meeting with my trainer at the gym, so maybe I was drawn to the polish because I had just done a couple hundred lunges with a kettlebell….or maybe I just love pink 🙂




This is a lovely creamy pink, almost cotton candy – Essie’s website describes it as “optimistic”, which is perhaps why I generally love pink:)

photo (3)


photo (2)



I find Essie’s formulas to be hit or miss, but this one was a hit. I did two coats, which gave me opacity, though it was quite streaky on the first coat so I was worried. I used Zoya’s base, and Essie’s No Chips as a top, because I find Essie doesn’t play well with Seche Vite. My only complaint, and I’m not sure if this belongs to I am Strong or No Chips, it’s that the dry time was quite a big longer than I’m used to (maybe Butter and Seche Vite have spoiled me…), and so if you look closely, you’ll see my nails didn’t dry perfectly, but they were acceptable.  My hands have been a little dry recently, so I’m a little self-conscious of these pictures, but it’s okay, I’ll make sure I’m good this week with my L’Occitane hand cream

Wear and Removal

On the second day of wearing this polish, I cut my finger while chopping butternut squash:

photo (1)


See the cut on my middle finger? Well, this made me terrified to have any chips on my fingers for the following couple of days, because I knew polish remover would really burn. Well, Essie’s No Chips followed through, and this lasted four full days, and the only chip was from my gym bag zipper. Great work No Chips!

Removal was a breeze, as expected:)


Solid colour, I wish it dried a little more quickly (or that Essie mixed well with Seche Vite), but all in all, I think it’s a great pink.


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