This is one of my favourite polishes. I don’t wear it frequently, but I always enjoy it. This is worrisome to me. Why? Because the Butter London Dictionary defines “Slapper” as Brit-speak for ”slut”. Uh-oh.

photo (4)


Well, unlike orange, this delightful deal never makes me feel garish, and if anything, makes me feel great. Slapper is a “truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright”. It’s a very saturated colour, and definitely nice and bright. I note that this spring/summer seems to be strongly tending toward pastels, so I don’t think Slapper is on-trend, but, I still quite like it:

Interestingly, I don’t think blues/greens always look great on me, but this one is fantastic. I also think it’s work appropriate. Here are two pictures, one with natural light, one in the office:

photo (1) photo (2)


Great, nice and smooth and easy dry time. Two coats for opacity. No complaints! Zoya base and Seche Vite top.

Wear and Removal

Slapper was so chippy this time around. Honestly, look at my nails on the morning of day two:

photo (3) photo


That’s pretty bad. By day three, my nails were so chippy I had to take off my polish ASAP, since my hands drive me crazy when they’re chipped.

But, removal was easy, so I guess that’s a bonus?


As I’ve said, one of my favourite colours, I love how it’s so bright! Thankfully, I also love pastels, so I’l still have lots of fun this summer. Do you prefer bright or pastel polishes?


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