Well, I think this might be the last of my royal-related polishes? I’m not sure, I’m always surprised what I find hidden in my polish boxes.

For your consideration today, I offer Butter London’s Wallis. Wallis is defined as “In honour of the Saucy Yank who ran away with the king’s heart.” in the Butter London dictionary.  Intrigue, saucy ladies and royals?!? I knew I had to have it.


Butter describes this colour as “A tarnished, metallic olive gold, as mysterious and regal as its namesake.”.

photo (2)


photo photo (1)


Well, this colour is just fantastic on my skin! And I don’t love green, but I DO love this olive- it’s metallic and sparkly, and it has a hint, or possibly undertones, of black.


Eh, I’ve had this polish for a while, so it’s not super new, but it was a little goopy. I did two coats for full coverage, and used seche vite as my top coat. Easy peasy, though I may add some Zoya Renew to it, see if that makes it less thick.

Wear and Removal

This colour wears well, it lasted 3 full days, all of which involved the infamous gym bag zipper. Removal is a pain, not as bad as a flaky, but it definitely had quite a bit of residual metallic stuff that I spent a bit of time removing. That’s the deal with metallics I suppose.


I like this colour quite a lot, but really, it’s a winter/fall colour, it’s a little dark for spring, in my opinion. I think I might go pick up another polish from the Butter Spring collection, or maybe something new from Lippmann. Any suggestions? I could be sweet talked into a Chanel/Dior/NARS polish too, if they have something particularly bright. Leave your suggestions in the comments!


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