This past fall there was a strong trend towards reds and neutrals. I like reds. They make me feel a little well…saucy, and so Saucy Jack from Butter London definitely fits the bill for a red.

As you all know, I love the Butter Dictionary, and Saucy Jack is ” Nickname for Jack the Ripper, as coined in the legendary film This is Spinal Tap“. I haven’t seen the movie, but I have heard of Jack the Ripper, and I can see why this red is linked to someone like Jack the Ripper.

photo (3)


Butter’s website describe this colour as:“Dark blood red. In the immortal words of Derek Smalls, “You’re a naughty one, Saucy Jack”.”

I clearly need to see This is Spinal Tap, because I have no idea who Derek Smalls is, nor his relevance to my polish. Regardless, it is a fantastic colour. It’s a bit of a jelly, and in fact almost looks magenta/pinky on first coat, but definitely turns into a nice blood red. It’s such a classic red colour, and I love it.  Here are some pictures in a few different lights.

photo photo (2) photo (1)

Isn’t it just great? I love that it is work appropriate and yet….a little saucy! It’s a classic, but not demure.


Two coats for opacity, but three for a little more richness/depth to the colour. It has a super quick dry time since it’s a bit of a jelly. I used Zoya’s Base and Seche Vite as a top, but I’ve also used Lippmann’s Flat Top with Saucy Jack, and it is great. I will also note that reds tend to stain the nail, and the bed around my nail when I go over the edges, but this one does not stain – making cleaning up around the nail bed very easy.

Wear and Removal

This colour always wears well. I generally get 4-5 days out of it. This time I got 3, though it was mainly cut short because I went on a cleaning spree and failed to wear gloves. It would have likely been fine for 5.

As I noted above, it really doesn’t stain, even though it’s a nice rich colour, and so removal was easy (though I will note that there are STILL one or two flakeys from Raspberry Beret lingering in one or two nail ridges….flakeys are terrible, they’re lucky they look so good).


This colour is a great formula and the colour is very versatile. I think it is a great for anyone seeking a classic red that will take them from day to night- it’s like the little black dress of polishes.  Delightful.

What do you think? Is red no longer a classic? Is it in fact, too saucy for work? Has it been replaced by pale pink? Does anyone else love the word “saucy” as much as I do?!?


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