Raspberries are my favourite berry, and one of my favourite fruits. Berets are a cool french hat, and I do have a soft spot for the French people and culture. This polish was destined to be awesome based on it’s name alone!

Raspberry Beret, by Lippmann, is from the She’s Always a Woman set (see also Putty In Your Hands, which was also part of the She’s Always a Woman set).

photo (3) photo (4)



This is a delightful deep pink, raspberry colour (shocking, I know!), that’s also a flakey! The flakes are goldey in colour. I love the combination together, so this colour is a win for me (really, most pinks are…it’s hard for me to dislike a pink polish, though it does happen once in a while).

I took pictures in a few lights, so you could see how it looks in various situations, I think the first one is most accurate

photo (2)photo photo (1)


Well, this polish was actually a little thick, though not so terrible that I was annoyed. As with all Lippmann’s minis, it had a full brush, which I appreciate. I needed 2 coats for opacity, but honestly, one might have been enough for some of my fingers. I used Zoya for my base and Seche Vite as my top coat. I think this would also look great with a matte top coat, and I can see myself trying that soon.

Wear and Removal

This polish wore extremely well. I got 5 full days out of it, even with using my gym bag more frequently (because I’ve been going to the gym more…). To have this polish withstand my harsh zippering tendencies..well, suffice to say, I was impressed.

Removal, on the other hand, was a pain. Flakeys always seem to stick around more than I want them to. There were a few still sticking around when I did my following polish application. This is sort of the deal with flakeys though – and I love how flakeys look, so I guess I need to find a better way to take off the polish, or accept that this is a flaw of flakey polishes.


A nice interesting pink polish. I love pink. I love flakeys. It’s not the pale pink flakey I’ve been dreaming of, but, it is definitely a solid addition to my collection.

What does everyone else think of flakeys?



2 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann’s Raspberry Beret

  1. Also it’s the title of a Prince song… which goes “…she wore a raspberry beret, the kind you buy from a second hand store, she wore a raspberry beret and when it was warm she didn’t wear much more…” heheh

    • Hehe, usually Lippmann isn’t as witty as Butter in naming polishes, but I hope they were chanelling Prince when designing this polish, it seems like something he’d be cool with:)

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