After wearing Fiver, all I wanted was pink nails. I actually love the combination of mint green with pink, so I think that I will be trying these two polishes together sometime soon.

Pink is by far my favourite nail colour- in fact, so much so that I’ve made a conscious effort to have lots of other colours on my blog. I could probably wear pink polish for 3 months without duplicating colours once, which is probably weird, but true.

Trout Pout is from Butter London’s 2012 Spring Collection, if I recall correctly.

photo (6)

I’ve loved it since I bought it. It’s amazing. The Butter Dictionary defines Trout Pout as “cruel slang for a woman who has overdone the collagen in her lips, leaving her with a rather fishy face”.


Butter describes it as an opaque shade of cantaloupe, pale and retro. It looks so amazing on my skin, as most pinks do (thankfully, since I love pink polish). It is, however, a little bright, and I worry that it makes me seem young when I wear it at work, but…it’s certainly not offside in any way, so I happily wear this colour quite frequently in the spring/summer.

photo (5)photo (4)


Excellent. Two coats, fast dry, easy. I almost always love Butter’s formulas. I used Zoya’s base and Seche Vite. I’ve also used Lippmann’s Flat Top with this colour, and it was awesome.

Removal and Wear

This polish has historically worn quite well, and it’s also easy to remove. I ended up chipping it while doing laundry, but I still think highly of the polish.


This colour is one of my favourites – it’s just a great colour all around. What does everyone think of the colour? I worry that pink is overdone sometimes, or that it makes me come off too girly/young-  what do you think?


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