Remember this gift from a polish pal of mine?

photo (4)

I decided to try it this week because the weather was nice and I was feeling springy! It’s brand new and from the Butter London Spring 2013 Collection.

As with all Butter London polishes, there’s a definiton for the polish name- it’s street slang for a five pound note.


Butter describes this colour as an opaque icy mint creme. It reminds me of a super pale seafoam green almost? I don’t love greens, as I’ve said before, but this one is great, and looks great on my skin.

photo (1)photo

It also matches my gym bag- I think mint green may be the colour of spring this year?! Excellent! I also received several compliments on this colour.

photo (2)


I did need three coats for opacity, though I probably could have gone with two if I had used thicker coats. It applied smoothly, though it was a bit streaky on the first coat, it was perfect after three.

Wear and Removal

This colour wore quite well. I used Zoya’s base and Seche Vite on top, and it wore well for 4 full days, and I probably could have made it through five, really only the tips were wearing (see picture, especially the first finger, and pinky). Mostly I just wanted pink fingers, if I’m being honest. It was also a breeze to take off, just like most creme polishes.

photo (3)


Great colour! I don’t love green, but maybe I secretly love mint green? There’s an exception to every rule!

What does everyone thing of this colour? Isn’t it great for spring? Is mint green the new hot colour? I’m seeing it everywhere!


2 thoughts on “Butter London’s Fiver

  1. Love it! This colour makes me want to put on a bonnet and go to church! I have heard that this is the hot seller from Butter’s spring collection, and I can certainly see why (also, the other colours in this collection are a bit meh, so that may have something to do with it).
    I wasn’t thrilled with the application, however. Very streaky on the first coat, and it looks a bit gloppy after three coats.

    • Hahahah, put on a bonnet and go to church! What a great way to describe this colour:)

      I actually really like Butter’s entire spring line! Especially Molly Coddled, Jasper and Kerfuffle. I think that Cuppa may end up being a nice nude for me, I need to do a little investigating. I didn’t love their winter collection, so I’m happy that their spring colours are better, at least for my frivolous tastes!

      I think you might have used coats that were a little thick if you found it gloopy, because I almost found it streaky after two coats, but I’m always extra careful with creme polishes to use thin coats. Thanks for the comment!

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