A polish pal of mine said that I was underestimating Zoya and that I needed to give them another try, and given how much I love their base and remover, I figured I should give them a second chance.

This week I had important meetings at work, so I just did a single coat of Sarah Smile, but, the weekend came along, and I was feeling a little middle-school retro, so I went with a classic two colour alternating finger manicure.

photo (1) photo (3)



As you can see, Suri is a royal purple colour, and Meg is a shimmery grass green. I don’t know how I feel about shimmery grass green being the colour that goes with my name, but…there are worse options (like a garish orange, blech), so I’ll count my blessings.

I very much like Suri, it’s a lovely colour both in and out of the bottle. I usually don’t love green (as I’ve said before in my Illamasqua Viridian post) but Meg isn’t bad, I usually like lighter greens, and things that are shimmery, so as far as greens go, this is the type that I prefer.

First without flash, then with.

photophoto (2)


Awesome. Greatly exceeded expectations. They both went on smoothly, no bubbling, dried pretty quickly (though I did use Seche Vite, so…that always helps with the dry time). Two coats to full opacity, and really, if I had been lazy, one thick coat could have been sufficient.


So far, not bad. A little wear on the tip of the nail, which is not amazing given that I only did this last night, but I’d bet on a solid 3 days. I’ll be taking it off on Sunday evening, because I don’t really think the alternating purple/green fingers is great for presenting myself as a professional. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m also 25 and the alternating fingers read a little young, which is not what I’m trying to project.


I’m sure Suri will come off nicely…Meg on the other hand? I guess we’ll see.


The same polish pal got me a super sweet gift when she was away- Fiver from Butter London! She knows how I feel about greens, but she also knows that I’m usually happy with pale greens, and I have a soft spot for pastels, which means Fiver will likely be a win! I hope it goes well with my skin tone.

Fiver also makes me think of spring, and anything that makes me think of spring is probably a good thing! As you can tell from the wool blanket under my fingers, I was a little chilly when typing up this post, I’m very much looking forward to better weather.

What colours make you think of spring? What do you think of Fiver?

photo (4)


p.s. for those that were wondering, my little vacation was to Barcelona, and it was delightful!


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