This is probably one of my most favourite polishes EVER. The one con is that removal is the worst, but it’s otherwise just delightful.

This colour was released by Butter in celebration of the Royal Wedding. I’m a Princess Kate fan, so obviously I jumped right on board with this colour and snagged it as soon as it was available at my local Butter purveyor. I hope they do a colour for the royal baby if it’s a girl. I know, I’m terrible.

photo (1)


This is a soft elegant greige with a splash of lilac glitter, it’s the perfect marriage to combine fashion and fun (says Butter’s website). The Butter Dictionary defines it as “One day my prince will come and I will wrap him around my tiny, sparkling finger”.  I’m pretty against the whole “wait for your prince to come” mentality, but I do love this polish so I’ll forgive Butter’s definition for the amazing that is this colour.

photo (2)

photophoto (3)


This is a bit of a jelly, two coats was sufficient for coverage, but I went for three. It dries really gritty, but a couple coats of Seche Vite on top smoothed things out. The glitters also don’t apply perfectly even, so it does involve a little bit of paying attention to make sure that half a sparkle isn’t hanging off the tip of your nail. It wore quite well though, and I just love the colour so much that I’ll accept the application and removal woes.


Great colour. I’m pretty sure it’s still available, I’d highly recommend.


How do you all feel about colours that are released for celebrities? I know Lippmann does it do (Sarah Smile comes to mind, Sarah Jessica Parker). Would anyone else love to have their own polish colour especially designed for them?


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