So, I need to confess a weird issue that I have with orange. I don’t love orange on me (I guess pastel oranges are okay….). I always feel so garish in orange. A good friend of mine who’s involved in the polish swap, always tells me that I’m crazy, but …. I can’t help but feel a little overdone whenever I wear bright oranges. It also makes me feel retro, though I don’t mind that feeling nearly as much as feeling…garish and overdone, which is the much stronger feeling when I wear orange polish.

When I originally bought Jaffa, it looked a little pink in the store. Then I put it on, and realized that it’s really just orange. A great orange…but orange nonetheless.  I used it with Diamonds and Pearls.

photo (14)


Jaffa is described as a “juicy orange colour, seedless but potent as Hell” on the Butter website. I would definitely agree- this is possibly one of the most saturated colours I own, and I love it for that. The Butter Dictionary defines Jaffa as “A type of seedless orange. Also Brit slang for an infertile man”. Oh British slang,  so silly.

photo (13)


photo (12)photo (7)


photo (5)photo (4)

I regret being so hard on Diamonds and Pearls when I first bought it, because clearly I’ve actually used it quite a bit, and it really does add a lot of shimmer, and boy do I love shimmer.


Great, smooth- but two coats was barely enough for opacity, three would have been better, and given that I mixed it with Diamonds and Pearls..well, that’s a lot of polish coats.


This manicure, if I recall correctly, wore splendidly, lasting 5 full days, possibly 6, which is crazy. It was also a dream to remove, since Jaffa is pretty creamy and saturated, yet didn’t stain.


Anyone else have colours they don’t like for no good reason? Poor orange, it never did anything to anyone.

Then again, knowing myself, I’ll be back in 6 months saying how much I love orange…


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