I’m heading out of town for about 10 days, so I’ve scheduled a few posts from my email WPR archives. We start off with Chanel’s June!
photo (25)
I used Lippmann as a base, and Seche Vite as a top coat.
Colour is nice, perhaps a little lighter than I like, and I’m not sure how I feel about it against my skin yet, but I like that it reminds me of the 1950s somehow- I’m not sure how, but it evokes that feeling for me. I like that it went on pretty smooth, and dried nicely (though I never know if it’s the polish or Seche that dries so nicely…).  I think it would look really nice with at matte top coat, but I didn’t have time for one to dry last night. Same with the diamonds/pearls to make it shimmery.
photo (22)photo (21)
3 coats were needed to achieve a full colour. My nails were still a little streaky looking after two coats, and I could see the nail line. Booooo.
This colour chippped quite quickly when I wore it, though I was having problems with flaking with all polish at the time- I’m pretty sure my hand moisturizer just didn’t go well with polish, even though I would swipe my nails with remover before applying.
Great spring/summer colour- and looking back, I actually really love how this colour looks on my fingers, I will be using this one again soon:)

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