A poster recently asked about pale pinks, and I was in the mood for a more demure polish, so I decided to use my Sarah Smile! The one on the left is Sarah Smile (“SS”), and the one on the right is Diamonds and Pearls (“D and P”).



SS is a pale pink creamy colour. It’s my favourite pale pink. I’ve tried probably 6 or 7 pale pinks, so this is actually somewhat of an accomplishment. I think pale pink depends a lot on your skin tone, so this colour make not work for everyone.

When I bought D and P, I had high hopes that it would be opaque, even if it took 4 coats. I was wrong…I’ve never tried more than 5 coats, but it still wasn’t opaque. Maybe I’d need 10? Regardless, I was very disappointed at first, but then I realized that it added a great shimmer to otherwise somewhat less interesting polishes!

One coat of SS (oddly enough, I actually really love how this looks in a photo, but I hate seeing visible nail line on myself on a daily basis…I guess that’s good to know if I ever need to have pictures taken of my hands).


Two coats:


Three coats:


Four coats:


With D and P:




I took so many pictures to try and capture the subtle shimmer over the SS- my fingers sort of looked like magical cupcake icing. The one above is the best I got…can you see the shimmer?

Together these are great. I think it’s super work appropriate, yet not entirely uninteresting, because of the D and P. I’m very happy with both of these colours, and even happier with the pair of them together.


SS is always a bit of a pain to apply, because of my dislike of visible nail line. But, as I said above, I like how the one coat photographs. SS applies smoothly, I don’t personally find it to be streaky, which is a constant battle with pale pinks. Given that I go for 4 coats, it dries pretty quickly.

D and P is a great application, the shimmer is nice and even, and it also dries nicely. I do love Lippman’s formula, it’s so great.

I did use Seche Vite over the D and P coats to dry everything up quickly, simply because once you get to 6 coats of polish, it really does take about an hour of waiting around to get a good dry, regardless of how good the formula is.

Wear and Removal

Given the number of coats I expected at least a week out of this polish application…but, I got 3 days. Why? My new gym bag has a lot of zipper, and zippers are the enemy of a nice polish application, at least for me. I chipped my middle right finger when it got caught in my zipper, all the rest were fine, so if I had been more careful, I’m pretty certain I would have made it to 5 days.


Any other pale pink suggestions? How does everyone else feel about visible nail lines? Does anyone know of any pale pinks that incorporate shimmer in the first place? Or maybe even a pale pink flakey of some sort? I could get on board with that…


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