A generous colleague at work lent me these two colours recently, and asked me to do a review, and I’m happily doing so!




You can see a smidge of my nails in the above photo, so let’s get to it!


I used Amazonia for my main colour and Facettes D’Or as my accent nail. I did this because I was afraid all gold nails would just be too much.


Daytime photo!


I love both these colours. I’m usually not a big fan of green- I don’t wear it much, and it’s just not my favourite. But, this is a delightful earthy green, almost khaki green, but with a smidge of gray in it, so it looks super interesting. BUT, I will admit, I wish I had done an entirely Facette D’Or mani. D’Or is a fantastic colour- a true gold, it’s not sparkly, but almost a powdery shimmer, looking like gold actually does instead of an impression of gold. It’s so awesome, and I don’t think it would have been too much as the solo colour on my hands.


This is the first Dior colour I’ve tried (though I have been looking for their Nude Chic for a while, it’s never in stock at the Diors near me…), and I love the brush! You can see that it’s sort of angled at the tip to fit neatly into the base of the nail, and they’re a nice thick brush. That’s a great detail that would make me think Dior polishes are worth it, unlike Chanel that sometimes has stringy brushes that drive me crazy.


Amazonia was opaque in 2 coats easily, really one if you were generous with application. It dried to a nice shine, even without a top coat.

Facettes D’Or seemed to escape the common Chanel problem of stringy brushes, and it was a nice smooth application. It took about 4 coats to opacity, but it dried really quickly, so it didn’t seem like a pain. This colour is actually quite matte, even though it doesn’t look it in the photo because of the shimmer.

Wear and Removal

I’ll update this with wear later. I predict that removal of both will be a breeze, as Amazonia is a bit of a creme polish, and shimmers usually come off easily for me.


I really like both these colours a lot- I’m glad my colleague thought ahead to let me borrow them! I don’t know if I’d use Amazonia all that much, even though it’s a good colour and smooth application. There’s nothing wrong with the colour, just not one I’d use. BUT, I love the Dior brushes, and I will definitely be looking more closely at their polishes because I was impressed with this one. I’d recommend checking out this polish if you’re into khakis.

Facettes D’Or on the other hand, is so amazing, I give it a strong recommend. I really really hope I can find a bottle somewhere. It’s delightful, and I’d say one of Chanel’s better polishes that I’ve tried (which is saying a lot, because I love Graphite, it’s one of my favourite polishes ever).


Do you think a totally gold mani would have been too much? Has anyone else had problems with Chanel’s brushes? Any other Dior polish suggestions?


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