I picked up the Lippmann She’s Always A Woman collection recently, along with the Zoya Anchor base coat.  And after writing such a bad review of Lippmann for my last post, I decided to pick a Lippmann polish that I liked for this one.

Before I get started on the polish though, I should comment on my new base- Zoya’s Anchor. It’s awesome. I don’t know how it will hold up long term with respect to healthy nails, but it dried quickly, was smooth, and is doing a great great job of having my polish be long-wearing. I’d definitely recommend this base. I also usually use Zoya’s remover, and it’s easy on my nails, and great at removing polish (it’s certainly one of the best for sparkles that I’ve found. I also have their polish renewer, since I’ve had some of my polishes for over a year, and it’s also great at thinning out older polishes.

I think I may try a Zoya top coat in the next few months, just because I’m so impressed with their base, remover and polish renewer.  Oddly, I’ve never really loved their polishes, but, c’est la vie.


The She’s Always a Woman collection came with three minis (though they are bigger than other minis…so maybe they’re really midis), they were

  • Putty In Your Hands
  • Raspberry Beret (a raspberry flakey)
  • My Prerogative (a deep blue, but not navy)

So, the first one I tried was Putty In Your Hands.


Sorry the pictures are so dark, that’s what happens when you paint your nails late at night and rely on the camera flash.


This seems like a straightfoward and simple gray. But! It actually seems to have a hint of purple, and a hint of taupe sometimes, depending on the light. I really love the colour. I think the purpley/taupe aspect to the gray works really well with my skin tone. I’ve wanted a gray polish for a while, but I hadn’t found one that didn’t make my skin look gray and washed out. Excellent!

See below with flash and a mix of sunlight/office light. You can kind of see the purpley/taupe facet to the polish in the sunglight/office light, whereas with flash, it just looks like a simply gray.




Great application. Nice and smooth. 2 coats for opacity. Perfect. And, as with Lippman’s other smaller bottles, the brush is still full size, which makes me a happy polisher.


So, I used my new Zoya base, and I used Lippman’s Hard Rock as my top coat. It has been wearing so well. I’m really impressed. Here’s a picture from the morning of day 4- you’ll note the tiny chip that happened as I was locking my front door, and the wear on my nail from zipping up my dresses (the outside of my left thumb ALWAYS wears first…). And you can definitely see the purpley/taupe to the polish here.

photo (1)


Great, great polish. I would rate this as one of my best polishes- it’s conservative enough for work, yet still interesting, it’s a nice easy application, and it wears well. And it filled a hole in my polish collection.  I don’t know if this polish is available outside of the She’s Always a Woman collection, but if it is, I’d definitely recommend it!


How do you feel about gray polishes? Do you like them, or are they boring? Do you think this polish has a purple aspect to it, or am I imagining it? Do your nails always wear in the same spot, like me?


5 thoughts on “Lippmann’s Putty In Your Hands

  1. Off-topic, but did you see Anne Hathaway’s nails at the Golden Globes? It looked like a white mani with white pearls, but not overdone. I thought it was really beautiful.

    • I am a big fan of Anne Hathaway- I loved the asymmetrical look of the bubbles, apparently it was intentional, very cool. The base was, according to Allure magazine, Chanel’s Pearl Drop, a colour I’ve been eyeing for a while, though I find that half the time Chanel’s brushes are mangled…

  2. Also, why are you not impressed with the Zoya polishes? I have a few and they’re all really good, and I think they’re also half the price of Butter.

    • I’ve only used one or two, maybe I happened to get a bad batch? A good friend lent me a couple of great Zoya colors though, so I’ll be trying them
      again in the near future.

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