So, this is an older polish of mine! I originally reviewed it via email to my friends last May, but my opinion has not changed and I figured it would make a good post.

It Girl is from Lippmann’s Run the World Collection.

Run the World

I really do like most of the colours in this collection quite a bit, so it’s worth a buy if you can find it.  Another great thing is that Lippmann’s mini’s have full size brushes. I hate when mini polishes have mini brushes…it’s not like I suddenly have barbie hands just because I bought a mini polish, my nails are still the same size and having to use 3 brush fulls per nail is a huge pain, and going over my nail 4 times because I can’t get enough polish on it is also a huge pain.

It Girl

Here’s a picture of It Girl in the bottle. Based on the bottle, one would think that this is a cool neon yellow colour. I was so excited to put it on.  Welp, see the results for yourself

It Girl Flash

It Girl Inside

It Girl Outside

Possibly one of the biggest disappointments I’ve ever had with a polish.


This is basically a pumpkin colour. It’s actually quite nice on my skin tone, but it is certainly not the colour in the bottle, so I felt very very misled.


Sooo, this also had a terrible application. It took about 6 coats to get that level of coverage, it looked like orange highlighter over my nails on the first pass, it had no opacity to it at all. In fact, you can still see the nail lines if you look closely at the photos.  I thought that putting it over a white base would be better. It wasn’t.

It did dry quickly, and applied smoothly, but I don’t think that a solid formula can overcome a bad colour.


It wore well, but after 6+ coats, and a top…I don’t think that’s impressive.


Removal was time consuming also, because I had like 8 coats of polish on my nail in total- one base, 6 colour, one top. Boooooooo.


I’ve used this colour twice since I bought it in June. It was bad both times. The colour isn’t terrible, just a disappointment, but needing 6+ coats is the nail in the coffin for this polish.

Luckily the rest of the Run the World collection is solid, because It Girl is a solid “meh” at best.


What does everyone else think? Is this colour terrible? Was I wrong to be disappointed? Any suggestions for making the polish one I love? Anyone else have this collection and love it?


6 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann’s It Girl

  1. My experience with this polish was the same. I have never had a colour look so different from what was in the bottle. Have you tried using a white base with It Girl on top? I can’t see any other way to salvage this polish. BTW, I am currently wearing the orange from this collection (Hollaback Girl?) as an accent nail, and it’s a vibrant orange — exactly what you would expect.

    • I really like Hollaback Girl! I think that’s what I found so weird about this polish also- all the other colours delivered on the promise, but It Girl just crashed and burned.

  2. Love the blog! I wanted to get your recommendations for pale pink nail polishes. I can’t find one that doesn’t take a gazillion coats to look half decent. I recently tried OPI Sweetheart, but found it had a streaky application, required way too many coats, and dried to a slightly warmer pink/peach colour than I was looking for. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks:)

    • Thanks for the comment- I’m glad you like the blog!

      I have an ongoing battle with pink polishes. My first issue is that I really don’t like visible nail line on myself (though I’m fine with it on others)- so if you have my same aversion, then it can be really hard because pale pinks that are opaque are rare. The second issue is that pale pinks really need to match your skin tone, almost like a nude, whereas other colours just need to “go” with your skin. Many pale pinks are either weirdly pale on me, or they wash me out and make me look gray, neither of which I love. I tend to pick nudes over pale pinks, primarily because they look so much better on me.

      That being said, I do think pale pinks are a staple in any polish collection. My current go to pale pink is Sarah Smile by Deborah Lippmann. It does take 4-5 coats for opacity (which is a lot!), but, it goes well with my skin and I didn’t find it streaky on the first application. I also have Teddy Girl by Butter, but I don’t think that’s a classic pale pink, so much as a super pastel pink, but I still love it. Teddy Girl is definitely meant to be an opaque polish, so 2 coats for opacity.

      I frequently hear great things about Essie’s Mademoiselle and Essies’ Ballet Slippers, both of which are widely available. My other suggestion would be to find a makeup counter that sells Deborah Lippmann and check out her line of pale pinks. Both Essie and Lippmann offer many many pale pinks, and it’s definitely a bit of trial and error.

      Good luck, and report back if you find something amazing!

  3. What about Essie’s Sugar Daddy? I hear that’s popular. I personally don’t wear pale pink because I think they’re all snoozers, but maybe I should dig around and see what I have and give the colour another try.

    • I always think of pale pinks as a demure classic…they certainly have their role in life, but aren’t my favourite.

      Sugar Daddy looks nice based on a quick google search, but gosh, I really don’t like nail line….if you use it, report back!

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