A good friend of mine let me borrow this polish- Jungle Queen by China Glaze. I think this is generally known to be a dupe for Chanel’s Paradoxal (which I think I will pick up at some point, so I’ll do a comparison post at that point).

I used Essie’s Feed Me as a base, and Lippman’s Flat Top because I was feeling matte. Unfortunately, I’m not super patient when it comes to waiting for Flat Top to Dry, and there are a lot of imperfections in my nails, but…c’est la vie.




This colour is awesome, and it goes so well on my skin. I’d describe the colour as grey mixed with plum and a smidge of lavender, it’s delightful. I think that it’s definitely work appropriate, and yet interesting. I really like the way it looks with a matte top coat, but I would try it again with a regular top coat. It reminds me of Butter London’s Marrow, but more gray and demure.


Application was great. Good formula, two for opacity, nothing bad to say.


No sparkles or flakeys, I cannot imagine that removal will be anything but a cinch.


This would be one of my highest rated polishes- it’s a great colour, it’s easy to apply, it’s awesome.

And! A close friend got me an awesome Christmas present that will be part of some future posts- OPI’s Man With a Golden Gun (I love James Bond, I love polish, this is awesome!), and microbeads for caviar manicures!

I’m so excited!



A few days after I originally drafted this post, my Jungle Queen got a chip, and I was so excited for Man with a Golden Gun that I swiped a couple coats over top! I’ll do a full review with my next post, but check out these photos! I love the flakey gold!



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