So, I had a Christmas Party to attend this season, and I figured I’d do a fun manicure!

I went with two Lippmann polishes- Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Run,Run Rudolph. I used Run, Run Rudolph (RRR) as the primary polish, and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (RACT) as the accent nail. Both are from Lippmann’s Christmas in the City  box set.

I used Essie’s Feed Me as the base, and Seche Vite as the top.


I put my fingers over the fabric of my dress so you could see the colours! I also wore red shoes, so I think it all went together well.

Now, focusing on the polishes:



RRR is an awesome red. I love it. It’s the perfect Christmas red on my fingers. AND, even better, it has subtle red flakeys in it. So, I’m not only fulfilling my red polish love, but also my flakey love?!? Double win. Amazingggggg.   I’m always afraid that truer reds are harsh on my skin, but this one is lovely. The first time I wore this polish, I received so many compliments, and I did again when I wore it recently, this polish makes me smile:)

RACT is an interesting colour, it’s a black jelly, with red and green sparkles, and red and green flakes. It has a fair amount of dimension to it, which I don’t think was captured in the photograph, even though I tried taking the picture in a variety of lights, and angles. I really like this polish, but I was hoping for the….dimension…that Lippman’s Across the Universe provides, but with a black/red/green combo. I think it’s interesting how Lippman has many polishes that are similar to ATU, yet none is quite as amazing. It’s interesting, because I think if Butter had released this colour, I would have been more impressed, but I have high expectations from Lippman.

I think RACT was an interesting addition to a Christmas collection, since black/red/green doesn’t seem traditionally Christmas-ey. However, I really like that it has some edge, and I think it was a perfect accent nail.


Application was great, smooth, the flakeys weren’t as rogue as big glitters can be with respect to application, and one coat was pretty opaque, but I went with two for density. The wear was great, I got a solid 5 days out of it, with just some tip wear and no chipping.

Application for RACT was fine, as with all sparkles/flakeys, its important to watch the flakes coming off the tip of your nail, but this wasn’t too bad, probably because there weren’t actually all that many flakes, it was definitely more of a sparkle. Two coats for opacity, I suppose you could go 3 if you wanted more sparkle/flakes. Overall, smoother than expected, given the sparkles.


My expectations for RRR and RACT were low, since a flakey, while not like a true glitter bomb, can sometimes be a pain to remove, and glitters are pretty much constantly a pain. The first time removal was absolutely awful for both polishes- I had little red flakeys on my nails for probably two days, and black glitters that I coud not remove. This time it was a lot better- I use the method fabric sheets in my dryer, and I’ve realized that the texture and fabric on them is perfect for sparkle removal, so I’ve started saving them, and they’re great for sparkle removal!


I love RRR, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it. RACT is a cool colour, but will definitely be a weekend colour, since I’m not a fan of black nails at work. Two solid colours from Lippmann!


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