I bought this colour mostly as a trysie, because I’m not a huge fan of cream based glitters. Why? Well, I think they tend to look muddy, and I think that glitters are supposed to be “fun”, and creams are supposed to be demure and classy, and so, the mix of the two confuses me. As possible benefits, I thought the glitters would apply more evenly, and be easier to remove. Here’s a picture of the bottle:

photo 8

As a base I used Essie’s Feed Me (which I love), and for a top coat I used Seche Vite.  Here is a photo of my nails:

photo 2 (1)

Well, my intuition was right. I am not a fan of this polish. There main problem is that this polish needed 4 coats for opacity, which is really too many, and it took quite a while to dry (weird for China Glaze, which is usually pretty good, thought not as good as Butter or Lippmann).  Even using Seche Vite, this colour just would not firm up for about 2 hours, maybe because it was a cream? I do find creams take a little longer to dry.

The next problem is that I really did not like the colour. I didn’t like the colour of the cream base next to my skin, and I really don’t love how muddy it looked, though I do think that it would be nice/appropriate at Easter- something about the cream and the glitter makes me think of Easter. Maybe I’m thinking about painted eggs-I always was generous with the sparkles!

For the good things, application was easy- many glitters sort of pull and don’t apply evenly, but this one did. Another good thing is that this is very much a glitter bomb polish, which I do like.  It also was easier to remove than the vast majority of glitters, though during removal I had glitters EVERYWHERE (see my fingers!), because it was such a glitter bomb of a polish.

photo 4

I have no commentary on the wear of the polish because admittedly, I had no desire to leave it on my nails for more than a day, so…off it came.

Summarily, I think the polish formulation was pretty good- lots of glitter, easy to apply, easy to remove, but, the polish just isn’t right for me…I don’t like the cream based glitters, or at least I don’t like this particular cream based glitter.  I can see how others love the look, and I think that this might be a better colour with a matte top coat, sort of playing off the muddy glitters. I’d be willing to give this polish another try with a matte top in a few months, but I can’t imagine this becoming a regular in my polish rotation.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Trap-Eze

  1. I have this polish on right now, but I did two coats of white (Revlon’s Powder Puff) as a base, with two coats of It’s a Trap-eze on top. It looks similar to yours, and dry time was fine. This polish is a bit of a hot mess (small glitter! Hex glitter! So many colours!), but it’s sort of fun. I will try to mattify and report back with an update.

    • Yes! Do report back- I know my polish tastes are different than some of my readers, so I love differing opinions. I know some people love this polish, it was just too much of a pain, particularly to remove. I bet having a pigmented base under will make removal easier…

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