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Here is Def Defying by China Glaze from the Cirque du Soleil collection! I love it!

As a base I used Essie’s Feed Me, and Seche Vite as a top coat.

The first major pro is the colour! I love the chartreuse! It does tend a little towards the greener side of chartreuse, but is delightful- I know that I will love this colour come spring. And I love it on my skin tone!

The application was average- it was a bit streaky on the first coat, but pretty much opaque by the second coat on all but one or two nails. It dried quickly, and was low odour. I can’t imagine that removal would be difficult, it’s a smooth polish.

This would likely be one of my highest rated polishes- I will definitely be using this a lot this spring, it’s great.

I decided to try some Whirled Away (also from the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection) on top of the Def Defying:

photo 6 photo 7

I really like the look of Whiled Away. It has white and black hexagons, with the white ones being significantly larger than the black ones, and black bars as as well. I suppose it’s sort of a glitter, but the glitters aren’t reflective/shiny, so it’s a little different.

As much as I like how it looks, the application is a pain. The glitters don’t really stick to the brush all that well, so I sort of had to scoop them out with the brush, and then dot them all on, all while trying to not overapply. One coat was really cute, and subtle with only a few bars/hexagons, but I went for two. I think the application was enough of a pain that  in the future I would use this primarily to make an accent nail, not on all my fingers like this time. It took a little while to dry, but I think that was mostly due to overapplication from trying to get the glitters out of the bottle.

I imagine that removal won’t be terrible, because there isn’t an overabundance of glitters, and there’s a nice cream below it, so hopefully the bars and hexagons just slide right off.

It’s wearing really well so far, though it’s only been a day, and I think that will continue (given that there are three coats over the colour- 2 glitter coats and a top coat).

Overall, I’m quite liking the look of my nails right now- the chartreuse alone is lovely, and with the glitters, it’s nice and fun! I will definitely be using Def Defying on a regular basis, and Whirled Away once in a while, most likely as an accent not on all my nails.


2 thoughts on “Def Defying by China Glaze + Whirled Away by China Glaze

  1. I wish that China Glaze hadn’t bothered with the white hex glitters — the black hex and black bar glitters alone have an almost abstract floral look. While the white hex looks interesting in the bottle, I think it detracts from the overall look of the nail when it’s applied over a base colour (not to mention that it’s really too large to be applied easily from the bottle).

    I think it may look exceptional if you could do a full-coverage nail, but based on the sparseness of the glitter, that may not be possible.

    • That’s an interesting comment re: no white hex glitters. Next time I use Whirled Away, I’ll try it without the white hexes (which would make application easier, given how long it took me to dig them out of the bottle).

      I agree 100% that this polish would be exceptional as a full coverage nail but I can’t imagine how I’d pull it off. It would probably take dozens of coats… I do wonder how it would look over black polish, with just the black glitters? That may be the closest I’d get…

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