So, I picked up NARS’s Purple Rain over the weekend, I had a gift card from Sephora, so this was a bit of an unplanned purchase. I’ve never had a NARS polish before, I usually stick to Lippmann/Butter/China Glaze.

I used Seche’s Ridge Filler as my base, and Seche’s Quick Dry as my top coat.

The application of this polish was great- smooth, not gloopy or thick, yet not so thin that I was annoyed. Two was sufficient to hide visible nail line on all but one or two of my nails, so I went for three.

It has a great rich deep purple colour, a royal purple, which I like quite a lot. Usually richer colours tend towards black, or don’t come off as “true” colours in some way, but this was definitely a purple.  Here’s a picture of my nails (don’t mind the slight wear at the tip):


The polish did wear pretty well- I applied it on Sunday, and its now Wed. evening, and only one nail is really chipping. I’m sure the removal will be easy as it’s a smooth polish. It was pretty low smell, as all high end polishes are.

Overall, I think this polish filled a gap in my collection, as I didn’t have any deep purples, so I’m quite happy.

My order from nailpolishcanada.com arrived today. As per their usual, the time between order/shipping/arrival was speedy, and their customer service is great- look at this cute candy cane they included (though it’s broken, I blame Canada Post, not nailpolishcanada)


So, here is a picture of all my new polishes. From left to right:

  • It’s a Trap-eze by China Glaze
  • Whirled Away by China Glaze
  • Def Defying by China Glaze
  • Fiddlesticks by Butter LondonImage

2 thoughts on “NARS Purple Rain + Polish Delivery!

  1. What do you think of the polishes with a milky base? (I’m thinking of Candy Shop and Glitter in the Air by Lippmann.) Any advantages over a clear base for the sparkles?

    • Great question!

      I think that generally they come out pretty muddy, I’m not really in love with the look of the glitter thinly or partially covered by a cream, which will obviously happen even on the first coat of a polish. I also think there a bit of a disconnect in the “theory” of the polish when glitter is added to a cream- I always think of cream polishes as more demure and classy, and a glitter is more fun…so mixing the two always confuses me a bit. Creams with a slight shimmer make more sense to me, as shimmers are more refined than glitters.

      Most of the big brands don’t bother making a wide variety of cream glitters, for I think the reasons I’ve listed above, however, they are pretty common in the independent polish crowd, which is why I decided to try It’s a Trap-Eze. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t love it, but it was worth a try.

      For benefits, I think that the cream bases may hold the sparkles in suspension more evenly, allowing for easier application, and perhaps make removal easier (though that’s probably wishful thinking).

      I’ll have to report back once I’ve tried It’s A Trapeze, probably sometime in the next week or so. 🙂

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